Client Feedback


Paolo Bert, CEO

"Played a crucial role in the successful completion of the company's flotation on AIM, as well as during the pre-IPO financing stages. Such a brilliant result for ACTA's R&D funding requirement for the new fuel cell technology would have never been possible without their endeavour and relentless commitment."

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Air Europe

Dott. Lupo Rattazzi, President

"Was instrumental in arranging a crucial transaction for Air Europe, bringing to our company a valuable partner such as SO.PA.F, one of the most prominent Merchant Banks in Italy."

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Ing. Giorgio De Porcellinis, General Manager

"Key in ensuring the long term funding of our company and realising the full value for our shareholders. They were effective in both the financial and commercial aspects of the transaction and because of their flexibility and independence also added value in other aspects of the deal."

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Maurizio Liverani, CEO

"When we first talked to the partners, we could not believe what they were trying to tell us: taking a company public? In a little bit more than one year our dream came true thanks to the business sense and the determination of Oscar Olu-Williams and his team."

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Gianfranco Cimica, CEO

"They have been at the side of our company throughout the whole transaction and have been very proactive and supportive in dealing with the challenges during the process. This enabled us to raise the amount of capital necessary to carry out our investment program in very difficult market conditions."

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Union Technology

Alberto Mori, President

"I was very happy with the valuation they submitted which I am glad to say they delivered... organised the kick-off of the process and drove the transaction forward, including negotiating the terms and appointing a merchant bank that did an excellent job and as a team they achieved a very challenging timetable."

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Dott. Bruno Kraft, CEO

"Played a crucial role in the successful listing of our company on Nuovo Mercato. They were there from the beginning to the conclusion of the process, helping the company to choose the best team of the IPO giving all the support required in preparing documents and being at our side in every situation, being the real engine of the process. Their experience in IT listings of Italian companies and their in-depth technical knowledge of the financial procedures involved meant we did not only achieve the desired valuation, but also a successful aftermarket in trading of shares post-IPO. I will highly recommend to any IT or other company going public in Milan or elsewhere..."

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